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End of SUBARU production - crossing under new brand cc Robin and YAMAHA

Based on the announcement of FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Ltd. dated 12.05.2016 the production of industrial products under the SUBARU Robin brand was terminated. FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Ltd. (renamed SUBARU Corporation Ltd.) finished production under the SUBARU Robin Industrial Engines and Products brand in September 2017.

The production of multifunctional professional engines continues.
From October 2017, these engines are manufactured according to the table below.

OHC series EX engines complete production under the cc Robin brand in China.
OHV series ER engines as well as from the beginning in China under the brand cc Robin.
OHC engines EA series and two-cylinder OHV engines EH V-Twin have been taken over by the professional YAMAHA manufacturer.
OHV engines EH 122 new production in China under brand cc Robin.
OHV single-cylinder engines EH series production have been terminated due to new EU regulations.
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