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Engine SUBARU Robin & RATO, Air Cleaners

YAMAHA MX horizontal engines HEMI OHV
SUBARU Robin EX horizontal engines OHC
RATO horizontal engines OHV
SUBARU & RATO vertical engines
Air filters and Stop switch overview
SUBARU Robin ER horizontal engines OHC
Accessories and a boutique SUBARU & RATO
Robin engines (SUBARU Industrial Power Products)
SUBARU Robin EC two-stroke engines
SUBARU Robin EH horizontal engines OHV
SUBARU Robin EY horizontal engines SV
SUBARU Robin DY diesel engines


Below are the best-selling models of each category.

RATO engines have a wide range of focus from hobby use to professional applications.

SUBARU Robin (from 2018 newly named ccRobin) engines are primarily designed for professional use.

YAMAHA engines are predominantly professional and their growing variation provides many options.

Horizontal and vertical motors with power from 1.1HP to 40.0HP are supplied to a wide network of different manufacturers to drive all machines and equipment.

EX, ER and EA Series OHCs, with simple construction and highest performance in individual categories without the use of problematic electronics, are a symbol of high quality and professional use. SUBARU Robin (ccRobin) and YAMAHA engines of all series are designed for the toughest professional load.

SUBARU Robin (ccRobin) engines are also used in non-professional fields such as indoor carpets where, thanks to their unique OHC technology, high quality and performance, they are now "unique adrenaline ride pleasure".


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