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Industrial  engines series EH as SUBARU EH and Robin EH were for many years the major series of production line of manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI). On the base of development and extremely elevated qualitative requirements of the manufacturer FHI has been developing new series as SUBARU EX, ER and EA. In these new series is increase of performance parameters, dimensional parameters and main focus placed on the increasingly stringent emission limits.

Engines SUBARU (Robin) EH09, EH10 and EH12 are fully replaced by only one engine and it  is SUBARU ER12. SUBARU ER12 OHC engine with the weight and dimensions of the smallest EH09 engine provides the power of the largest engine EH12. Engine SUBARU EH12 is still available.

Engines SUBARU (Robin) EH17, EH25, EH30, EH36 and EH41 are continuously replaced by new industrial engines series SUBARU EX OHC.

Engines SUBARU (Robin) EH025 and EH035 Micro are only available in small quantities to predefined application.

Two-cylinder industrial engines SUBARU (Robin) EH 63-99 are the domain of the American market, where Europe has use then by manufacturers of powergenerators.