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Revolutionary industrial engine SUBARU ER12 OHC.

This engine SUBARU ER12 was developed primarily for the purpose of extreme vibration load on vibrating rammer, where comes highest shock/stroke with excessive load of engine components.
Engine SUBARU ER12 is only one in its class using oil pressure sensor, which fully protects the engine from lack of oil both at the start and especially during engine operation.
Engine SUBARU ER12 uses OHC driven camshaft, which allows it at very small size and weight to achieve high performance.
The industrial engine SUBARU ER12 introduced many innovative design changes that help it to be No.1 in ist class. The engine uses defined ignition coil to prevent surpassing maximum engine speed and providing other new safety features. Engine SUBARU ER12 has  internal structure counters to prevent possibile leakage of engine oil during rollover. This engine concept provides very easy maintenance requirements and all service activities.

SUBARU ER12 is an unbeatable engine in its class, especially high performance with low weight and dimensions and many innovative features.