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Professional YAMAHA MX engines with a long tradition since 1955
This new line of purely professional YAMAHA MX engines delivers high performance with low fuel consumption.

The YAMAHA MX offers innovative OHV solutions

• HEMI OHV - a new combustion chamber construction from OHC combustion engines provides increased power thanks to properly burned fuel and fuel intake.

• Position of the piston axis outside the crankshaft axis. The engine output is straightforwardly transferred to the crankshaft, thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of the engine. This simplest mount protects the higher output of a smaller engine than standard OHV engines.

Manufacturer YAMAHA MOTOR POWERED PRODUCTS CO., LTD. introduces the new concept of YAMAHA MX industrial engines that delivers:
► at lower displacement, higher engine power.
► high fuel economy while maintaining current performance standards.
► the most mored industrial engines OHV - HEMI Head
► 5 years warranty YAMAHA MX (3+2years / standard+extended)